Reasons for Podcast covering Finance News

We started podcasts in January so felt it was time to get our message out there. We put out a press release today, which was quickly picked up and published by Yahoo News, what is great about that, is that their news service runs across multiple locations and so our story features across multiple Yahoo news sites. We are planning to move into at least some of these markets in the future so it is no issue to get some exposure there ahead of launching; meanwhile it may also bring visitors who are interested in our business intelligence insight database of over 4.8million UK companies.

The management report is a document drawn up by the management of the company and communicated to the partners at the annual general meeting. Its purpose is to inform the general meeting of shareholders on the management of the company during the past financial year and to announce the prospects and projects planned for the coming year.

The annual management report consists of a document on the financial situation, which is drafted each year. In addition, this, after the end of an accounting period. It therefore covers the situation of the company and its activity during the past financial year. In other words, it presents the comments and analyzes of the management team on the accounts of the company. It also concerns its future prospects, its strategy and the highlights of the financial year.

The case of social and environmental reporting

The establishment of the annual management report of listed and unlisted companies (under conditions) must display social and environmental information, which organizations such as the court registry will use to ensure that they have a regulated market. This social and environmental reporting can thus take the form of;

Simple extra-financial reporting: performance indicators (environment and personnel)

An extra financial performance declaration: social, environmental and societal information. Without forgetting the effects of the company's activity on respect for human rights and the fight against corruption.

The approval of the annual accounts is addressed to the partners of the company. They must then have it at their disposal within 4 months after the closed financial years. In addition, this document must reach them at the latest within the 15 days preceding the holding of the general meeting of shareholders. The media industry is not immune to the economic crisis that is beginning in the country. Although it is still early to paint a fair picture of the situation, the waves of wage cuts and layoffs in various media portend a trauma from which it will be difficult to recover. For its part, the podcast sector, still nascent and rather agile, reacted very early on with a surge of creativity. Hot, we have seen a surprising explosion of audio creations, which emerged in the first weeks of confinement. It can be found in the appendix to the balance sheet. This general meeting effectively allows the approval of the annual accounts of the company for the past financial year.

In the second part of the general report, the auditor must justify his opinion on the annual accounts. The assessments he provided in the first part are thus explained. This part of the report provides an understanding of the reasons why the statutory auditor considered that the elements having a significant impact on the accounts were correctly transcribed in these annual accounts.

The third and final part of the general report concerns the specific verifications carried out and on which the auditor reports. It ensures that the comments made on the activity of the company by the management bodies are accurate by expressing the opinion of the statutory auditor on the consistency and fairness of the information mentioned in the report of the board of directors. .